Roman Reigns Pulled From Public Appearance In January


Former WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns was supposed to appear at the ACE Comic-Con in Glendale, Arizona on Friday, January 11th for a signing. However, he’s been pulled from that appearance as the ACE Comic Con recently confirmed the cancellation was due to a “change in his schedule.”

This was supposed to be his first public appearance since making his leukemia announcement back in October on Monday Night Raw that marked his appearance on the flagship show of the company as he vacated the Universal Title.

The ACE issued the following statement on their official Twitter account:

“Unfortunately, due to a change in his schedule, Roman Reigns is no longer able to attend ACE Comic Con Arizona on January 11th. All purchases for Roman Reigns items will be automatically refunded. We apologize for any inconvenience.”

It was reported last month that Reigns had just started treatment for leukemia and the word going around internally in the WWE is that any discussions regarding a timeframe for Reigns’ return to the ring are a long way off.

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