Roman Reigns Takes Harsh Shot At The Young Bucks: “We Don’t Need Guys Acting Like They’re DX From 20 Years Ago”


Roman Reigns was interviewed by Inside The Ropes to talk about various topics. Here are the highlights:

On his feud with Braun Strowman:

“I think Strowman is a certified star. If you see him in real life, you get it. Not to quote a little monster [Enzo Amore] that we have running around in our locker room, but you can’t teach that, you really can’t. You can’t teach a guy to be damn near seven feet tall and 400 lbs. It’s either genetics or work ethic.”

On The Young Bucks:

“No offense to any of these guys, but we don’t need guys running around doing ‘too sweets.’ We don’t need guys acting like they’re DX from 20 years ago. We need original characters, guys who are [themselves]. I need Seth Rollins to be Seth Rollins. I need Kevin Owens to be Kevin Owens and I need Bray Wyatt to be Bray Wyatt. We need original superstars who have no clue what was done 15 or 20 years ago. No disrespect of our history and our past, but we’re trying to create something new here.”

On being true to their characters and Strowman in particular:

“That’s the most important thing, that we’re true to our characters and we’re true to our originality and where we’re trying to go forward as a product. That’s why it’s important for Braun Strowman to be the first Braun Strowman. That’s why it was important for me to tell [John] Cena that I’m not the next Cena. That’s burying me. I’m the first and only Roman Reigns. That’s all I can be, that’s all I want to be.”

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