​Roman Reigns: ‘WWE Is A Little Old School Now’ & More


— Roman Reigns was interviewed by Renee Young on the
WWE Network’s RAW Backstage Pass. He said that it didn’t matter that Kane’s been
added to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship Ladder Match this Sunday at
Money in the Bank, because he will leave as the new champion.

— Speaking of Roman Reigns, in an interview
with the Sports Junkies and Chad Dukes on
106.7 The Fan
, Reigns said that the WWE is a
little “old school” now. Here are highlights:

On WWE being old school: “I
like to think that we’re a little bit old school now. When people talk about the
past time of wrestling and how the guys used to be and there’s all these little
stories here and there. I like to think that we shine in that regard. We’re a
different breed, the new guys coming up.”

On the newer wrestlers: “We’re a young fresh crop and we’re hungry. We’re
just making towns, working hard every single night. When you have that type of
camaraderie, when you have that type of group, sometimes people get pushed into
the shadows. That’s not our hope, but that’s just kind of what happens.”

On stagnant performers like The
“There’s always room to evolve and
change things up. So, there’s a chance for him. He had a nice run and he was
doing the things he did. He headlined a WrestleMania. He also, he has different
ties and crossover connections with what he did before he started wrestling.
With any character or any performer there’s always a chance to change yourself,
to evolve, to be different, to show something new. I think that anybody who is
feeling like they’re stale, if they need to revamp… if they can do that, then
there’s respect in that.”

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