Ron Simmons Explains Possible Reason For The Nation Of Domination’s Break Up


WWE Hall Of Famer Ron Simmons was recently interviewed by Wrestling Shoots to talk about several professional wrestling topics. Here are the highlights:

The Rock: “My hat off to him,” Simmons said. “I mean if that’s the way things go down, some get to go on and do other things — some don’t, but I’m glad I had a good part in helping him do what he had to do.

“When things weren’t going well for him in the beginning, when they couldn’t get him to where they wanted to get him, I’m glad that I had a good solid position for him to come in where I had a good profound effect on where he is and coming into professional wrestling and then going on to doing what he’s doing now.”

The Nation Of Domination breaking up because of Rock’s babyface turn: “You had some other groups that were around that probably wanted to have the heat and the attention that I had,” Simmons said. “Cause I had it. Who did you have? D-Generation X primarily that I can think of. You also had the tag which I would send out some tag teams out of my group so you know that’s how it was.”

His initial reaction to hearing The Nation Of Domination would be split: “I was shocked when it was ending so soon,” Simmons said. “It could have been some of the guys — you know we had some guys in the group that started going crazy, flipping out. Maybe it had something to do with them and their contracts or something. I was shocked when it did end.

“So I don’t know exactly what profound reason why and pinpoint why they did it but you know, I was just shocked when it did end.”

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions

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