Ronda Rousey Believes The White Rabbit Is For Bray Wyatt’s Return


WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey has given her prediction that the recent White Rabbit teases are leading to the return of Bray Wyatt.

Over the past week, WWE has had eerie scenes play out at events, using red lighting and the White Rabbit song by Jefferson Airplane.

While speaking on her latest gaming livestream, Rousey shared her belief that Wyatt’s return is imminent.

“During the breaks between matches, they’ve been doing this thing where they turn off the lights and they play ‘White Rabbit.’ We all have our theories about what it means, but I like to think that it’s Bray Wyatt coming back.”

A poster for WWE Extreme Rules 2022 features fireflies and a lantern and has left fans speculating that Wyatt could return at WWE’s upcoming Premium Live Event.

A video from this week’s RAW has teased that more will be made clear on tomorrow’s episode of WWE SmackDown.

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