Ronda Rousey Continues To Take Shots At Sasha Banks


On Tuesday, WWE Raw Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey took to her official Instagram account where she took some shots at Sasha Banks for representing the Four Horsewomen of WWE when the group is no longer together.

On Wednesday, Rousey further commented on Banks and the Four Horsewomen. Rousey is set to defend her title against Banks at the upcoming Royal Rumble PPV event. She wrote the following:

“Wrong. @sashabankswwe Everything you just said was about YOU and what YOU do. As an individual… you haven’t even begun to grasp what the 4 Horsewomen truly represent. The REAL 4 Horsewomen @qosbaszler @jessamynduke @marinashafir and myself are about camaraderie, we’re about loyalty, we’re sweat sisters bonded in blood we’ve shed together in the pursuit of a common goal. When any of us succeed, we rise together. If any of us fall, we dive to catch each other. When at our highest highs we hoist each other even higher into the air. When at our lowest lows we dust each other off and empower the sisters at our side to take another defiant step forward. You’re a bickering quarreling thrown together cooperate copy of the lighting we’ve captured in a bottle. We’re real friends, we’re real sisters in arms, we’re the dose of reality to has come to dispel the fantasy that is your FAUX horsewomen. #RondaVsSasha #rawwomenschampionship #RoyalRumble #Jan27 #4horsewomenvsfauxhorsewomen.”

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