Ronda Rousey Questions Whether AEW All Out Fight Was A Work


Ronda Rousey continues to question whether the backstage brawl following AEW All Out 2022 is a work.

During one of her recent livestream videos, the WWE Superstar commented on the reported backstage fight between The Elite, CM Punk and Ace Steel and whether she believes it was legitimate. She said,

“Was there a real fight? Everything is all hearsay. I don’t know what to say. I wasn’t there when it happened… I know I didn’t see it, but are you sure it’s not, you know, a work?”

Of course, most fans are well aware by now that the situation is not a work given all of the news that has come out since the original reports surfaced. AEW stripped CM Punk and The Elite of the AEW World and Trios Championships, respectively, and they have all been suspended pending the results of a third-party investigation.

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