Ronda Rousey Takes Shot At Sonya Deville’s MMA Background


One match that WWE fans have been calling for is a bout between Monday Night RAW Women’s Champion Ronda Rousey and Sonya Deville. One reason for this is due to Rousey and Deville’s backgrounds in mixed martial arts (MMA). Granted, their experience in the sport differs greatly. Rousey is a former 135-pound champion in the UFC, and one of the pioneers of women’s MMA.

Deville only competed in a few amateur fights before switching to professional wrestling. Speaking on Deville in a recent video uploaded to her website, Rousey didn’t seem too impressed with Deville’s MMA experience:

“Well I don’t know if you can really call two amateur fights an MMA background. She was never really a professional, she dabbled in it. Like she seems like more of a hobbyist to me.”

Rousey was then asked if she thinks she should be saying that on the video, to which Rousey responded with:

“She said sh*t about me getting kicked in the head. F*ck her.”

Deville issued the following response to the clip on Twitter:

“Haha awhhh that’s cute you’re a little salty from some factual comments I made. Well you know where I work and I would love to reenact the look on your face when you got KOed”

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