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NewsRosa Mendes Has Glowing Words About Working With Naomi

Rosa Mendes Has Glowing Words About Working With Naomi



Rosa Mendes burst onto WWE television screens back in 2008 as a planted fan in the crowd, claiming to be Beth Phoenix’s biggest fan. It seems that Mendes is also a big fan of another current WWE Superstar – Naomi.

The real-life Milena Roucka had glowing praise for Naomi while speaking with the Ring the Belle podcast. The two women came up through the ranks of WWE together in the period just before the Women’s Revolution kicked off, sharing time on the roster from 2009 to 2017. She said,

“She is a dream to work with, that girl. What makes her good is that she’s a giver. I feel like in some matches, people want to beat you up, and I always agree with everything because I’m like, super nice and like, who cares? You know, whatever. I love performing. But she knew that she would get more over if she gave me something. So if I hit her back a little bit, if I made the match look close, it would put her over. I think a lot of wrestlers, they think, ‘Okay, so I’m just gonna beat this person up and I’m gonna look really tough.’ But you beat up somebody that’s not even strong. But if you beat up somebody that looks strong — for all you workers out there, that makes you look tougher. So, if you’re a babyface, let the heel do, like, really crappy things, too. So you can look awesome and be the hero at the end.”

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