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NewsRosa Mendes Speaks On Her Retirement, Career In WWE, More

Rosa Mendes Speaks On Her Retirement, Career In WWE, More



As noted, Rosa Mendes announced her retirement from pro wrestling earlier this week. Mendes recently spoke with about her career and more.

On what led to her announcing her retirement:

“So, as you know, I’m a new mom. Well, not that new, it’s been a year [laughs]. But, I just feel like as you get older, your dreams evolve. For years, my dream was to become a WWE champion. And, now that I’ve brought a life into this world, and I’m with the man of my dreams, it’s different.”

On her favorite moments in WWE:

“My favorite moment was when I jumped over the barricade. My obsession with Beth Phoenix was just so out of this world that I had to jump over the railing and attack Melina … several times! But then, WWE officials said, “Wow, I think we have a star on our hands.” So that was a big moment.”

You can read the entire interview here.

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