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NewsRosemary On Losing The Knockouts Title At Slammiversary, The Mae Young Classic,...

Rosemary On Losing The Knockouts Title At Slammiversary, The Mae Young Classic, Being A Role Model – More



The former GFW Knockouts Champion, Rosemary, was recently interviewed by Ring Rust Radio. During the podcast, Rosemary reflected on her match with Sienna at Slammiversary XV, talked WWE’s Mae Young Classic tournament & more.

Here are the highlights:

Rosemary On Losing Her Title:

“Yes, with Sienna, we did lose our title and that may deter some people, but not us. Sienna has fallen to the Demon Assassin before, twice even. Most recently on the live One Night Only for the Knockouts title in January. The fact that she learned how to defeat us, the fact that she evolved, the fact that she went to a place perhaps she wouldn’t consider to go before and used tactics that she hadn’t considered and learned to defeat us, we respect that absolutely. It elevates her game which means we have to elevate ours and that is exciting, is it not?”

Being A Role-Model:

“We grew up differently and we grew up playing sports. Perhaps a social outcast? Definitely not a popular girl. To be a role model, to know the other children who aren’t cookie cutters and don’t fit the mold, who aren’t cheerleaders, aren’t the popular kids, who are a little bit bookish, nerdy, a little bit off-centered, who enjoy painting their faces, who enjoy horror movies rather than chick flicks. There is a role model for you and we welcome you into The Hive. The Hive is a collection of all sorts of social misfits from all walks of life, all colors and creed and countries, it doesn’t matter, if you identify with what we are doing you are welcome here.”

Thoughts On The Mae Young Classic:

“Exposure is never a bad thing. We know several of those girls in the Mae Young Classic and they deserve a spotlight, all of them deserve the chance. In this world, in any facet of this world or really any business, especially in professional wrestling as it does have the more public exposure; it is about having that door open, having that opportunity and having that ball passed to you. You may have all the tools to run with it, but unless someone gives it to you, you may never get that opportunity. All of those girls were just waiting for that opportunity. When it is given to them, they are going to run with it and show that it was the right choice to be given that ball.”



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