Rousey Rumored For Most RAW’s Before Mania, WWE Draft At Backlash? And WWE Building New Chamber?


WWE announced yesterday on RAW that Ronda Rousey will be signing her full-time WWE contract as a RAW exclusive Superstar at the Elimination Chamber PPV. Good news for Rousey fans: Meltzer says her schedule appears to be full time. Now, Meltzer is not the be all and end all of wrestling rumors, however, it looks like WWE will begin her Wrestlemania angle at the Chamber, before pushing her match close to the top of the card.

Secondly, with rumors running rampant of WWE reverting to dual brand PPV’s starting with Backlash, many fans speculate that a new WWE draft will take place that night. Eric Bischoff mentioned on his podcast that the company sent out emails regarding this massive change, however, they have no public statement to release at the moment. According to Bischoff’s co-host, “nothing is set in stone” and things could easily change before May 6th, the night of the show.

Lastly, the most intriguing rumor of them all comes from WWE insider Bryan Alvarez who shut down rumors of WWE possibly building a new Chamber to accommodate seven superstars. Alvarez claims that redesigning the Chamber is highly unlikely and that WWE will probably just start the match as a triple threat. Backstage management seems opposed to redesigning the match two years in a row, and I can’t blame them. According to WWE, the hellish structure is comprised of over two miles of chain, and weighs over 10 tons.

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