Royal Rumble Preview, Miz Makes Headlines, More


Partial Source: The Pro Wrestling Torch

—, an offshoot of, has a preview of the Royal Rumble online. The preview takes a look at the Rumble’s history and examines Chris Jericho’s return as well as CM Punk’s “reality era” of storylines, the latter contrasted with the more cartoonish Brodus Clay gimmick.

— The Miz made some headlines while on his international tour when he teased hitting a TV anchor with his finisher. Jim White, an interviewer for Sky Sports, was interviewing Miz as promotion for the Royal Rumble that he didn’t think the Skull-Crushing Finale was “terribly frightening” and in an in-character response he walked over and put White in the hold to deliver the move.

— Dolph Ziggler did an in-character interview with the X Morning Show on 105.7 FM this morning. Dolph argued with the host, who questioned Dolph’s tactics he uses to win, and said that it would be great to win on Sunday and that he has the referee in his back pocket. He said that he might appear in the Rumble and that he’s like to see the Ultimate Warrior make a surprise appearance.

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