Ruby Riott & Sarah Logan on Wanting Liv Morgan to Feel Welcome in Riott Squad


Ruby Riott and Sarah Logan were recently guests on Table Talk to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Logan on if there were any concerns about Morgan fitting into the group:

There were no concerns on my end that [whether it was] not gonna work or gonna work. Because we, pro wrestlers, that’s what we do is make stuff work. But I just was worried about Liv feeling, like not as much part of the group because me and Ruby had so much history, me and Ruby are already friends. So we really — and Liv can make friends with a frickin’ broomstick.

She’s just so outgoing. And I know that like, me, I had this talk with Ruby, that I was like, ‘I want Liv to feel included,’ because we were traveling with each other together. And we ended up not really having to try hard at all, because she just clicked. But I remember having the conscious decision to make this girl feel included because I didn’t want her to feel left out, because we already had such an established history, me and Ruby.

Riott on making Morgan feel included:

We didn’t want her coming up like, that was a moment she worked very hard for and we knew that going on. We knew as far as the work ethic, that was never something we would have to be concerned with. Because she used to help run our classes, you know. She would lead them because she was just that good and she worked her butt off. So we knew that wasn’t ever a concern as far as the work ethic went.

But we didn’t want her to come up after she’d worked this hard and then feel awkward in her position of being on Smackdown. But little did we know that we would all together have this deep bond, this friendship that everything felt natural, nothing felt forced. We were always brutally honest with each other, even when we knew the other one didn’t necessarily want to hear it.

And I think that was super-important in our friendship, is we could always rely on the other one to be up front with each other … It was crazy how easily she just fit. And we always said; I was the mom, Sarah was the dad, Liv was our kid.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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