Rumor: Current WWE DIva Labeled As A Laughing Stock?


There were rumors all over social media sites today that it was reported that the new Total Divas Season 3 star Rosa Mendes is seen as a “laughing stock” by her co-workers in WWE. The rumor went that none of Rosa’s fellow employees feel that she can wrestle, talk or entertain but tolerated her because she’s not seen as a threat and they get along. It was also said that the only reason she managed to stay employed for so long was because Michael Hayes, who has some pull within WWE, “can’t get enough of her” as many of you guys have heard from past rumors about Hayes and Mendes. 

So far this is only seen as an internet rumor and hasn’t been reported by any credible sources, but as I’ve stated before this topic has been heavily discussed all over social media. So if we get further confirmed information on this we’ll keep you guys updated.

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