Rumor: Former WCW Champion Being Inducted Into WWE Hall of Fame?


According to a report from Mike Johnson of PWInsider, there has been some internal talk about having former WCW Champion, Jeff Jarrett, being inducted into WWE’s Hall of Fame Class of 2018. These rumors have apparently been forming for the past three weeks.

“There are guys inside of WWE that have come to me and said that they have heard that Jeff Jarrett is being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. While I have no idea that this is the case or not but there certainly seems to be some smoke floating around. Whether there is fire to that smoke, I don’t know.”

Jeff Jarrett has held a total of 77 championships in his career, including being a 4-time WCW World Champion, a 6-time WWE Intercontinental Champion and a 6-time NWA World Champion.

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