Rumor Killer: No Brock Lesnar/Ryback Fight At RAW


For those who have emailed us (and there have been a ton of you!) about a report making the rounds on numerous websites and especially MMA forums, there was no “backstage fight” between Brock Lesnar and Ryback at RAW. We found a copy of the report posted on numerous forums and it is completely false. We’ll post the report below just to show you how far some fans will go to make up a rumor:

A source with the company says that a stipulation was to be added to the SummerSlam main event between Triple H and Brock Lesnar through an angle that was to take place tonight on Raw, but that likely will not happen now because Brock Lesnar left the building after getting into a physical altercation with fellow WWE superstar, Ryan Reeves, known in ring as Ryback.

Not much information is being let out, but the source says Lesnar was in the arena early to rehearse a major angle with SummerSlam opponent Triple H. Before things even began, Reeves, who was also in the building, got into a heated argument with Lesnar. It is uncertain what the argument was about.

Reeves put his hands on Lesnar, though the source tells us that people who witnessed it said Reeves was going to apologize. Lesnar shoved Reeves back and a shoving match ensued. Lesnar threw Reeves to the floor and hit him in the face three times before being pulled off.

Reeves suffered a laceration above his left eyebrow which is required stitches. “Ryback” will not be competing tonight as he was originally planned. Lesnar left the building immediately, and all efforts to reach him have failed.

The planned angle for Raw tonight will not take place. It is uncertain if Lesnar’s match with Triple H at SummerSlam or his future with the company is in jeopardy.

More information to come.

Once again, this report is complete BS and was never posted here on this website.

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