Rumor Killer on Brock Lesnar’s Son Training at WWE PC


Over the past few days, a photograph has been circulating around online of a young man who appears to be in tremendous physical shape. The account claimed to be that of the son of WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar.

The young man in the photograph also claimed to be training at the WWE Performance Center. Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan Satin has reported that the person in the picture is not Lesnar’s son, Luke. Instead, the person in this photo is named Bryce Winkelmann.

Check out the photos here:

FYI — I asked around about this pic supposedly of Brock’s son at the WWE PC. Was told by a source that it isn’t his child. Tried to find the original photo with reverse image search but couldn’t locate the original pic.

. found the original! Case closed, everyone. If you see a site pick this story up today, make sure to pass along.

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