Rumor Killer on Plans for a Possible Podcast with The Undertaker


During a recent appearance on the “Total Engagement with Matt Koon” podcast, AEW announcer Conrad Thompson confirmed that there are no current plans for a podcast involving The Undertaker. There were rumors that a trademark filing for “Dead Man Talking” was filed. Thompson said,

“I just thought it was a cool name. I’m not trying to be coy, I’m just saying, I thought it was a cool name, I first heard the name years ago, and nobody trademarked it. And there is another podcast with that name out there but they don’t cover anything wrestling-related. I don’t know that I’ll be successful — I petitioned for the trademark, I don’t know that I’ll be awarded the trademark. But I thought it was a cool name.”

“And we did book the Undertaker for Starrcast, and we have talked about the possibility of there being a second booking or there being a stage show or whatever involved with that. Maybe there might be something besides just pictures and autographs, but I don’t have anything confirmed with anyone. The Undertaker is a contracted professional with the WWE. I can’t imagine that he would do something outside of their umbrella besides a one-off appearance here or there at a Comic Con or something like that, like he’s got coming up in the UK or Starrcast. But I thought it was a cool name. And so, I mean that’s sorta where we are.”

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