Rumor Killer On Vince McMahon Retirement Reports + More


As noted earlier, Vince McMahon, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of WWE, Inc. (WWE), turns 67-years-old Friday. Happy Birthday Vinnie Mac. Random Fact: Vince HATES it when people wish him a happy birthday.

The WWE head has no intention to ever retire. “This is not a job,” he told Bloomberg last year regarding retirement. “I love what I do.” He said he hopes there are people who will tell him he’s slipping. “It would only be then that I would decide to go to a beach somewhere and sit back and discover that they’re right, I am senile. Other than that, I intend to be, as they say, die in the chair. That’s the way I would like to go.”

There have been rumors on Facebook and other social media sites that say Vince McMahon is stepping down and Triple H will be taking over the company in October. These reports are absolutely false. One ridiculous rumor stated: Sources close to WWE say that Paul Levesque (Triple H) has been promoted to CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment, effective October 15th, 2012. Vincent K McMahon will officially retire at a ceremony which will be held during Monday Night Raw that night. Sources say that every day operations will be immediately handed over to Mr. Levesque the following day. We caught up with Triple H while shopping in the shovel department at a Home Depot in Bakersfield CA, this morning where he had this to say. “I’m honored to be able to take the reigns of the WWE. I hope to change the vision of the company and take it to new heights.” Seriously. I’m shocked people actually believe stuff like this!

It seems like more and more fans these days are opening random pages on Facebook and other social media sites and are starting death rumors, etc. I’m guessing they’re doing things like this to gain traffic to their pages but who knows. Nonetheless, if you don’t hear it on this site, it likely means it’s complete bullsh*t.

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