Rumor on What Paul Heyman Wants to Change in WWE


Dave Meltzer reported in the latest edition of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Paul Heyman wants to have WWE backstage interviews contain less “fake dialogue. He also wants it to come across more realistic as there would be more consequences.

The belief is that Heyman also wants injury angles to be taken more seriously.

Meltzer later wrote, “Obviously with Strowman, that was barely the case, as he was supposedly gravely injured, missed one week of TV, and returned selling nothing. Wrestlers for the last 15 years have complained about how they’ll do a big match and want to sell the beating the next day on Raw, and Vince will allow mid-card guys to do that but when the top guys want to, Vince nixes it because the guys he wants to protect he doesn’t want to have on television appearing to be weak.”

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