Rumor – The Reason why TJP (TJ Perkins) was Released


According to a report from, TJP (TJ Perkins) did not ask for his release from WWE and was “fired” instead. As noted earlier here on eWn, both Hideo Itami and Tye Dillinger requested their releases from WWE in recent weeks and they were both granted on Friday.

As far as TJP is concerned, he had reportedly been difficult to deal with backstage and had a bad attitude. The site also reports that in addition to his nasty attitude, he went out and got several new tattoos without notifying WWE officials. Believe it or not, that is a big “no-no”, especially if you’re a mid or low-level talent.

Also, TJP had reportedly been campaigning for more air time in WWE in recent weeks. Just last week, he was complaining to WWE officials that he wasn’t happy and wanted more TV time. TJP had reportedly been “historically difficult to work with” backstage in WWE. That goes for management, other wrestlers, and even the catering staff.

According to sources, the 2016 Cruiserweight Classic winner was “blindsided” by the news of his release on Friday.

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