Rusev Calls Triple H The Best Thing To Happen To WWE Developmental


Rusev spoke with Sporting News for a new interview to promote tonight’s WWE SummerSlam. Below are the highlights:

On Triple H running WWE developmental: “The best thing that ever happened to the developmental system is Triple H being in charge.”

On how Triple H influenced his career while in NXT: “Everything happened really, really fast. I was picking up steam a little bit and I wasn’t even on TV in NXT. I had a dark match with Dolph Ziggler, and Triple H was there at the time and, he had never seen me before, and he was like, ‘Oh, who’s that kid?’ I was very fortunate that Triple H was there that day to see me perform.”

On Terry Taylor suggesting that he use The Accolade and Arn Anderson telling him to kick his opponents in the back before using it:

“In this business there are 1,000 people that are going to give you advice, you just have to pick what’s working for you, what’s good, and what’s bad for you. But you can’t say it’s bad either.”

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