Rusev Says Jeff Hardy Refused To Put His Hands Up For A Kick, & More


During a recent Twitch stream, former WWE Superstar Rusev (Miro) commented on working with Matt and Jeff Hardy, and more. You can check out some highlights from the stream below:

On working with the Hardys: “I love Matt Hardy. I got the opportunity to work with him in Europe at live events. I love Matt Hardy, man. I thought I killed him twice, but he’s a tough guy. Also Jeff, I got to work Jeff in Europe for a full tour. I got to tag with Jeff. Like these guys, they’re legends. They’re literally living legends. They grew up there. It’s such an honor, especially with Jeff. I felt so bad…”

On working with Jeff Hardy and Big E getting hurt off one of his kicks: “You know, just working with Jeff, and it’s Jeff freakin’ Hardy. You know, I’m just, wow! I get to work Europe with Jeff Hardy? It’s fantastic. And you know, I pride myself on being a really good worker and stiff when I need to be, very light when I want to be. And it’s Jeff Hardy, so I’m very, very careful. And you know, I do a big high kick, a big round kick. And you know, it’s not a secret. I tell ’em, ‘Hey.’ I always tell people, ‘Put your hand up. Put your hand up.’ Because I don’t think I’ve ever caught anybody really bad — No, I caught Big E, I think I concussed him once. Yes, I did catch Big E once, when I was barefooted too. Like over the rope, like a high kick over the rope to Big E, and I just heard him say, ‘Oh Fuuuu–!’ *Laughs* And Big E never complains, but I really caught him that one time.”

On catching Jeff Hardy really hard with his kick in Europe: “But anyways, back to Jeff. So, we’re in Europe, and I always say, ‘Put your hands up.’ I don’t want to be responsible. I am pretty safe, but I don’t want to be responsible. Better safe than sorry. And Jeff’s like, ‘Aw yeah, man. Yeah. No problem.’ And there comes the match, and once again, besides Big E, I don’t think I’ve ever caught anybody to the degree that OMG. But at the same time, you’re hitting somebody straight in the head. So you’ve got to be really freaking good, or you really gotta tell the your opponent to protect themself. So I do both. I’m really f***ing good, and I tell my opponent to protect himself. So, here comes the sequence. Here comes the opening. High kick. Boom! And you know, Jeff, I told him, ‘Put your hands up.’ Jeff Hardy — it’s Jeff Hardy, he’s immortal. Jeff Hardy does this with this hands [puts his hands by his side and sticks his heads straight out]. Straight down. My kick, I got him man. I got him really good, right on the head, right on the head. And I went down to cover because he’s just like tumbled. I was like, ‘OK. I’ll cover hime.’ 1, 2, he barely kicks out. Like barely on three kicks out, barely on three. And I just sit and stare at him, ‘Is he alive? Is he OK? Is he concussed? Is he gonna keep going?’ Well once again, It’s Jeff Hardy, nothing stops Jeff Hardy.”

On how the match kept going: “So yeah, we kept on with the match and I mean whatever. It was Sentons and Whispers and all that kind of stuff. And it was a great — like I love Jeff. Like he doesn’t have to do anything. People love him.”

(h/t – 411 Wrestling)

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