Rusev Urges Fans on Social Media to Stop Bullying – “We’re Just Playing Characters!”


As many of you know by now, STARDOM wrestler Hana Kimura committed suicide at the age of 22 on Friday. She was bullied online and it resulted in her taking her own life. Now, Rusev took to his Twitch stream to comment on bullying. He said,

“That’s what I was thinking today about, you know, the young lady that passed away in Japan. Cyberbullying man, and that’s what I’m telling you. Social media…and social media is great. I love social media, don’t get me wrong, but this has got to stop, man, because nobody likes to be bullied. It doesn’t matter how famous you are or how unfamous you are. And I can show you all my Twitters and all my Instagrams and me or CJ’s, it’s so much hate and you’ve got to understand what we do is not real. We are playing characters. None of these guys are good guys or bad guys. This is all characters. And a lot of people get so, so caught up in this that they actually take their frustration of storylines and go hit these people on social media.

And some people take it really, really bad. I can tell you that. And it’s not good, man. This shit has got to stop. Because obviously it’s not a game. It’s not a game. This is a life and death situation, obviously. So if y’all see somebody cyberbullying, if anybody hears, you have to stand up to it. You cannot do the same, you cannot follow in this trap. There’s absolutely no excuse for that.

And that’s why none of this shit will be tolerated on this channel. And it’s not just about me. And if somebody’s negative towards somebody else, they gotta go, because there is no place for drama or for stuff like this, which is a really serious thing. There is no place for it. Absolutely, not now, not ever. Sorry, I was thinking about this and it just hurts me, man. She was 22 years old. 22 years old. She hasn’t seen anything.”

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