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NewsRUSH Denies He Lost To Jon Moxley, 2023 Queer Wrestling Index 200...

RUSH Denies He Lost To Jon Moxley, 2023 Queer Wrestling Index 200 Revealed



RUSH isn’t happy about losing to Jon Moxley on this week’s episode of AEW Dynamite. As a matter of fact, he denies that he even lost the match.

Taking to Twitter on Thursday, RUSH commented on Moxley picking up a “W” over him in an AEW Continental Classic match on Wednesday’s show. He wrote,

“I didnt tap out, the ref didnt even check my arm to see if I was out.

You have never beaten me clean, everyone knows id beat your f**king ass in a no rules match.

This is becoming personal, and im going to defeat you on tv and prove to the world you cannot handle the BULL!”

Outsports took to Twitter on Thursday to announce its 2023 Queer Wrestling Index 200. Max the Impaler topped this year’s list, with Alex Kane coming in second and EFFY placing third, respectively.

You can check out the top 10 names featured on the list below:

1. Max The Impaler
2. Alex Kane
4. Dark Sheik
5. Anthony Bowens
6. “Speedball” Mike Bailey
7. Allie Katch
8. Veny
9. Trish Adora
10. Toni Storm
11. Edith Surreal
12. Billy Dixon
13. Sawyer Wreck
15. Gisele Shaw
16. Devon Monroe
17. Sandra Moone
18. Steph De Lander
19. Ashton Starr
20. Jordan Blade

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