RVD Addresses Limited Schedule, ECW vs. WWE, More


Rob Van Dam recently spoke to The Burlington County Times about not being on the road as often as he used to be. RVD said:

On the difference between ECW and WWE: “In ECW, the fans would warm me up. I’d walk around the ring and slap hands with everyone and get ready for the match. I’d feed of that energy, I would use that to create positive energy. In WWE, it’s different. It’s a timed show, everything is timed. We know when we get to the ring, we know when there’s a commercial. We have to do everything on a schedule, but I still find a way to connect with the fans.”

On preferring to stay home instead of travel consistently: “The 18-year-old me wouldn’t understand the 43-year-old me because then I wanted to travel and see the world. But I love being home. Some guys are on the road and can’t wait to get home, others are at home and can’t wait to get on the road. I’m definitely the one who wants to be home.”

On his wife of 15 years: “Right after we started going out, she came to (an ECW) show right outside Boston. So Sandman is making his entrance and his music is playing and he’s walking around the crowd and Sabu jumps off the stage and breaks a beer bottle over his head. BOOM! Then they’re fighting throughout the crowd, hitting each other with everything.”

“She was scared. I had people out there watching her, but she wasn’t a wrestling fan, she didn’t know any of this. But she stayed with me. It worked out. They say anyone who is married has to be OK because they found someone to put up with them.”

“My wife gets so mad at me, when we’re out driving in a parking lot and there’s a sign that says ‘no exit,’ she would never do it. But I do it. I don’t believe that rules are meant for me. But that’s what makes me who I am. I’m an individual who does what’s best for me.”

Check out the complete interview at BurlingtonCountyTimes.com.

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