Rob Van Dam Speaks Openly About Dealing with Concussion Symptoms


Rob Van Dam was recently interviewed by Sports Illustrated about his new documentary, Headstrong. RVD talks openly about what The documentary was originally supposed to be, and the serious turn it took during the very first day of filming:

“At first, we were going to make a documentary of seven days of comedy shows, but I couldn’t have predicted that, on day one, I would still have concussion symptoms from a wrestling match I’d had days earlier. I just thought it would go away and I wouldn’t tell anyone, because I normally wouldn’t, but it became something that I had to share.
There were times I had to close one eye so I wouldn’t see double during the documentary…”

Van Dam also opens up about loving the creative challenge that comedy provides:

“Comedy stimulates my brain in a way that wrestling doesn’t. I always wanted to write comedy and perform. Steven Wright and Bob Hope are two of my favorites. I enjoy the thinking aspects of comedy. That really gets my juices flowing.”

To read the full interview, click HERE. Headstrong is available now on iTunes, Google Play, and Prime Video.

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