RVD Talks Relationship With Vince McMahon


RVD once had a meeting with Vince McMahon about resurrecting ECW after the success of The Rise and Fall of ECW documentary. McMahon reportedly liked the idea, and fans were gifted with the first-ever ECW One Night Stand event in 2005. The relationship between RVD and McMahon is hardly ever spoken of. Well, RVD has decided to come forward and talk about his interactions with the Chairman of the board.

Speaking on “The Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast,” RVD discussed how his interactions with McMahon have gone and how he has developed a great deal of respect for him.


“We have a great relationship,” RVD stated. “I have nothing but respect for him. From my personal interactions with him, he’s always been nothing but super respectful to me.”

RVD also spoke about whether or not he was surprised by the offer to get inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame. The former WWE Champion was inducted alongside the likes of Kane, Eric Bischoff, and others. While RVD admitted to being surprised by the offer, he also wanted to do other things with the company.

“Yes, and at the same time, it’s kind of like sometimes, I’m surprised they don’t reach out and ask me to do anything.”

RVD won the WWE Championship after defeating John Cena at the 2006 ECW One Night Stand PPV. He spent 2019 in Impact Wrestling and has since left to wrestle in the independent circuit. He last competed at an independent show in Canada this past April.

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