Ryan Nemeth Talks WWE Developmental Program, Says Wrestlers Choose Their Own Names


Current AEW Superstar Ryan Nemeth took to Twitter to comment (and defend) the WWE Developmental system. According to Nemeth, many wrestlers choose their own names rather than WWE giving them ring names (such as Taya Valkyrie becoming “Franky Monet”, for example).

Nemeth said,


The hell? My name was awesome. Get bent. Oh you didn’t like MY ERA of developmental? The one with The Shield and the Wyatt family and the women’s revolution and half the current AEW roster? Really? That one? You weren’t into it? (Also we chose our names, you absolute braindead dipshits.) I repeat: get bent. Fans love so many of the wrestlers from that time frame in developmental (But also they hate that time frame in developmental). They say but remember how great OVW was (But also they hate boring OVW grads). Hey …you might just like being mad at things? Just say that?

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