Ryback Blasts Triple H – “He’s Full of Sh*t!”, Talks WWE Talent Wanting Their Releases


During the latest edition of his podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback commented on Triple H’s recent comments about talent who want releases and how they should stay off social media and come to management instead. You can check out some highlights from the interview below:

On why stars go public to ask for their releases: “There’s a problem from within when you have talent repeatedly going onto social media because that’s the only way they can f**king be heard. And they don’t want to be there, they want you to fire them when they’re going to social media. That’s the bottom line on the situation.”

On Jordan Myles being granted his release: “In all fairness though, that’s the way when you go to social media, that’s the way you have to [do it]. That’s the thing the talent have to learn from this. They will release you if you just keep it up and are loud enough. You can’t just do one thing, you’ve got to keep going. You have to f**king keep pushing the envelope. They will release you from your contract if you, every day, start f**king putting that company on blast for the bulls**t that they do. That’s where the talent is f***ing up where they’re not committing to be getting out right away. You can get released in a week there right away. It’s not hard. So Jordan Myles, and maybe — again, for that guy, I wouldn’t want to go up that tree. I would have gone different way, but that could have just been his way of getting out because he wanted out that bad so, at the end of the day too.”

On Triple H’s statement: “He’s full of s**t. I’m just gonna call that f***ing bulls**t. They are the least professional motherf***ers on the planet, and there’s a reason why talent go and do that. It’s because of how they treat human beings and their f***ing bulls**t policies and bulls**t — I’ve seen Hunter avoid — me! I needed to have a meeting with him, avoided me all f**king day, overseas when I had to put over Kalisto on the WWE Championship in England. Vince wasn’t in the arena. I had to wait all god-damn day. He wouldn’t f**king take the — he did not want to have that meeting. And what he does, they lie to your f***ing face. And that’s why why talent go [on social media]. And then they f**k with your pay with the whole bulls**t pay scale there with the talent. And if they book you to lose, literally your money goes down. It’s fake. It makes no sense, the whole pay scale of that bulls**t organization. And they treat you differently from when you are being pushed to then you’re helping them make over talent, which is just asinine. The entire environment is f***ing bulls**t. I call bulls**t to f**king Paul all day long on that. He is full of s**t.”

On the difference between Triple H and Vince McMahon: “No, it’s unfortunate. And I don’t mean that — and this is just me. And again, I’ve had many discussions with Hunter and Vince. And Hunter is just a different type of bulls**tter than Vince. But Vince has handed him down some principles and philosophies. And it’s is their company, they are allowed to run it however they want. But I have said this from day one, if they treated people as human beings and treated people with respect, and got rid of all of the goddamn bulls**t, talent would be so loyal to them. But the reason why is, they punch you in the face and then expect you to kiss their a**. And people [say], ‘We don’t have to put up with it anymore.’ There are other options. That work environment, that culture that they have created. That negative environment, it is the worst environment. I never want to be in that environment full-time ever again. It is absolute pure hell, and anybody that is there, all the boys and girls know it. But everyone’s trying to make as much money as they can, and everyone puts up with it. Hunter is different than Vince McMahon in different ways, but I have dealt with enough of his bullsh*t and it’s just a different form of bullsh*t.”

(h/t – 411 Mania)

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