Ryback & Booker T Get Into Back-And-Forth Exchange Over Booker’s Recent Criticism


Ryback isn’t happy with Booker T’s criticism regarding his recent tease that he’ll be making a return to professional wrestling.

For those who may be out of the loop, Booker T recently took to his “Hall of Fame” podcast to comment on Ryback wanting a match against Goldberg in AEW. The 5-time WCW World Champion said,


“That’s not happening. But I have been hearing a lot of news, kind of like little chirps. I wouldn’t say news, just chirps about Ryback man. Ryback is trying to, you know, throw his name out there. I saw you [Brad Gilmore] posted a photo with, you know, like a silhouette of him in the background with the AEW caption over it. You know, I mean All Elite caption over it. You know. So it seemed like he tried in the lobby to get back in this business and you think Ryback ever gets back in man. Do you think the fans want to see Ryback? So what? So why would he get back here? Well, he might take a chance on it. I just wonder. Well, then it just went away. Any independent shows or anything like that? I remember Ryback doing this WWE work. One who only did WWE work that came up in that system. I swear this dude talks like he’s been in the business for 100 years and worked at every base level. And I’m serious. I’m just saying, I don’t know how difficult it was in the ring or anything like that. I don’t know how I’ve heard guys, you know, say that you know this, that wasn’t mad about them. But personally, I have no personal knowledge. But when Ryback left the company and went out on this world tour to bash everything about wrestling, even to the point where he said the titles aren’t real and now you want to try to get back in it. Guys like that, man. Just go home. Just go home.”

He continued, “Just lost respect and that kind of stuff, too, you know? It’s just like, come on, bro, classless. It’s like you’ve burned, you blew the bridge up. So it’s like coming back to this business, it seems like you should be one to move on in life. And I’m not saying that just because I’m in this business. I’m just saying that because of what I say. Got out of it, and it seems like you just went on a world tour to mess up everything. Every bridge that you have built, every road that you have crossed is like, you just, you know, screw it all up. I don’t know.”

Fast forward to Wednesday, where the two men were involved in a back-and-forth exchange on Twitter.

In a now-deleted tweet, Booker T invited Ryback to appear on his podcast for a debate. Ryback responded to the tweet, writing:

“Asap, you’ve disrespected me long enough. It needs to be live and not recorded to play later.”

Booker T would later respond, noting that the offer has been “rescinded” due to the fact that Ryback was “making demands” to appear on his own podcast. Ryback later clapped back, writing:

“Looks like @VinceMcMahon and @TripleH have spoken. Smart move, you’re going to look foolish. You can come on my show anytime live and face to face anytime and any demands you have will be met to have a conversation. I’m not scared like you are because I have the facts.”

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