Ryback Claims He’s Been Getting Death Threats Over Mark Henry’s “Lies”


As many of you know by now, Ryback and Mark Henry have been in a war of words on Twitter after Ryback referred to wrestling titles as “props”. Henry wasn’t happy with that and accused Ryback of being difficult to work with and reckless during his matches. Ryback then fired back, claiming Henry was “lazy.” At one point, he referred to him as a “fat piece of sh*t” but that tweet has since been deleted.

Now, Ryback is accusing Henry of slander and said he would be talking to his lawyers. Today, Ryback took and Twitter and said,

“Can’t thank @bustedopenradio enough for giving @themarkhenry a platform to completely lie on behalf of @wwe Receiving death threats and messages of intent to harm me and my family in 2021 is no joke. Fucking disgusting what you guys have provoked with this.

One is telling the truth 100% and the other is lying out of his ass representing one of the most evil companies and owners on the planet. Tough choice Jeff, but you’re entitled to your opinion.”

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