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NewsRyback Claims WWE Cuts Off Revenue & Vince McMahon Uses Evil Tactics...

Ryback Claims WWE Cuts Off Revenue & Vince McMahon Uses Evil Tactics To Destroy Wrestlers



During a recent appearance on Konnan’s Keepin’ It 100 podcast, former WWE Superstar Ryback expressed his grievances with WWE, accusing the company of deliberately cutting off his additional revenue and attempting to set an example by punishing him. He shared his belief that WWE and Vince McMahon are fully aware of the ongoing situation and are out to destroy him due to his decision to walk out, achieve success, and speak his mind. He said,

“They cut me off from all my revenue for the last two years from all my extra revenue… This is all a game for WWE and Vince [McMahon] and everything. They’re fully aware of everything going on with that. They want to make an example out of me with what I did. I walked out, I won everything, and I spoke my mind and they want to destroy me.”

Ryback also shared his perspective on Vince McMahon, stating that billionaires like McMahon don’t operate in the same manner as others and employ underhanded tactics. He stated,

“Billionaires don’t act like everyone f***ing else. They do it in evil ways and grimy f***ing ways. … It takes you away from a position of power if they drain you to the point where I can never wrestle again, right? What Vince loves for guys is, ‘You’re gonna learn to eat sh** and love it.’ This is all a game. What he doesn’t know is, no, I will never eat your s*** again, I’m f***ing done.”

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