Ryback & Colt Cabana Apparently Squash Their Beef During Last Night’s WrestlePro Event (Video)


Former WWE Superstars Colt Cabana and Ryback apparently squashed their beef during last night’s WrestlePro live event at WrestleCon. Prior to a match between the two at the event, Cabana tried to shake hands with Ryback and asked “if they were cool”. The two had heat over an Art of Wrestling podcast in November of 2014 where CM Punk trashed the work of Ryback. Anyways, Ryback responded to Cabana’s pre-match question by saying he’d “find out”. Following the match, Ryback told Cabana that he gave CM Punk a platform to say negative things that “deeply affected him”. He said he used the match to exorcise some things and said he forgave Cabana. Ryback ended the promo by praising him as a “hell of a fighter” and raised his hand.

One fan who attended the event said Cabana looked like he could have “cared less” and “rolled his eyes” while Ryback came across as a “huge d*ck” with a “massive ego who needs to get over himself.”

You can see a video from the event below:

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