​Ryback Discusses His Pushes Being Stopped & Restarted, Facing Kalisto At WrestleMania 32, More


During a recent interview with The Orlando Sentinel, Ryback discussed his match with Kalisto at WrestleMania 32, on his pushes being stopped and restarted and more. Here are some highlights:

On if he feels he’s back on track in WWE: “Yeah. Obviously, I’m nowhere near where I want to be here in the WWE. A lot of things are outside of my control. All I can do is continue is to prepare, work my best, feel my best, stay healthy, continuing honing my skills and my craft and being the best all-around wrestler that I can be and entertainer and performer. Outside of that, everything is out of my control. I have to prepare all the way going into a match to the finish of a match. The results speak for themselves but from a professional standpoint, I’m nowhere near satisfied. I’m always hungry. I will eventually be the WWE World Heavyweight Champion and put the company on my back. The sooner they realize that, the better.”

On if the starts and stops in his progression have been frustrating: “Absolutely, it’s from the beginning that I will not back down in my confidence one bit. I know how hard I work. Again, things are outside of my control. I did not create the company, somebody else created this world. So, until he [WWE Chairman Vince McMahon] has the same viewpoint that I have, when we’re on the same page, I will get those results. But until then, I’m going to keep busting my butt and chopping away because it will happen eventually.”

On if he likes the dynamic in his match with Kalisto: “Absolutely. I think David versus Goliath is such a great story. It’s an easy story to tell. I wish the build would have been a little more going into it and I would have liked a better spot on the card for Sunday. The opening match for WrestleMania is not a bad spot by any means. Kalisto is a very talented performer and the dynamic, the tools that he brings to the table and the tools that I bring to the table are going to create a very unique, interesting match.”

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