Ryback Engaged In Legal Battle With NFL Star – Details


In a recent interview on “Ryback TV”, Ryback says he will be taking legal action against Dallas Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott when it comes to the “Feed Me More” slogan.

When asked about Elliott recently revealing a “Feed Me” tattoo on his stomach with his intent to trademark the phrase, the former WWE Superstar responded by stating that he thought Elliott’s trademark claim would be denied and that it was clear the NFL star took the slogan from him. He said,

“It was far too similar. You’re literally trying to latch onto somebody else’s brand and then take it and make it your own in the same exact thing. It’s like, come on, be a little bit more creative. He’s a wrestling fan. He got it from me – he 100 percent got it from me. I’ve already established it and own it. I think it’s just really, really low.”

Ryback went on to discuss the need for taking legal action against Elliott, saying,

“Everything’s documented timeline-wise,” he said. “I think there’s zero chance in hell he gets it. But for whatever reason, if they have an attorney that’s able to pull strings, then I’ve simply got to oppose it. I’ll tie him up for years, so he better get a good tattoo artist to cover up that shitty tattoo on his stomach.”

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