Ryback On Brock Lesnar Holding Universal Title During Next UFC Fight


Former WWE Intercontinental Champion Ryback recently released an episode of his podcast, Conversation With The Big Guy. Here are the highlights:

Brock Lesnar’s return to the UFC: “I think Brock’s in such a cool position,” said Ryback. “There’s nobody like him right now where he is literally a part-time UFCer and a part-time WWEer and he’s making probably more than anyone else who does the sport outside of maybe Conor [McGregor]. You can’t hate on anyone for that. He is living the ultimate life and he’s been proven.

“He’s a draw and he’s an attraction, and I don’t know, I think it all depends on what happens in this fight, but Brock is a lot bigger than DC, Daniel Cormier. Brock’s almost like a bully a little bit when he’s in there with [certain] guys.

“He’s one of those guys like when he’s really confident, he’s really, really hard to stop and I believe there’s been moments in his career where he was just beyond confident and he maybe wasn’t as talented as the other guys fighting but he’s so godd**n strong and such a freak athlete that if he’s able to survive the beginning, he can kind of impose his will on guys.

“When he hasn’t been able to do that is a different story. Will he be able to do that to DC? I don’t know. DC is an olympic-level wrestler. So, I don’t know. DC is… it’s an interesting matchup, but Brock is a big heavyweight. What I mean when I say that is, he probably walks around at 280, 290 and cuts down to 265, where there’s a guy like DC who’s fighting Light Heavyweight, then comes up [to 246].”

If Lesnar could hold onto the Universal Title while fighting in the UFC: “I think WWE would be all for that,” said Ryback. “You’d think they would as far a publicity-wise, the WWE [Universal] Champion and the UFC Heavyweight Champion, never before been done. And he’s one of those guys they can do cross-promotion with.”

You can listen to Conversation With The Big Guy by clicking this link here.

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