Ryback Reacts to Triple H’s Controversial Paige Joke


Former WWE star Ryback recently took to his podcast, “Conversation with the Big Guy,” to talk about several professional wrestling topics.

Here are the highlights:

Triple H’s joke being bullying:

That’s a joke typically you say about guys. I think it makes him look a little bit foolish saying that about a woman. How would she have kids she doesn’t know about? Pregnancy is a pretty, this is, I know it’s jokes, haha, and fun, but I mean, it’s a joke for guys, it’s about a joke typically used, for women, it comes off a little bit bullying to me personally. Which I’ve seen how he is within that environment, and I think it was a little slip on his part of Hunter backstage to Hunter in the media, and I’ve seen that all too often being there.

How a joke like that can have a lasting impact:

So now she has to deal with all this, and again, in social media and whatnot. I just think it was a fucking bad move. Apologizing is the only thing, but like now, she’s gonna get, that could re-trigger comments for another fucking year for her, on that, on the whole and all the bullshit, from all those losers out there. Why? To me, that goes deeper than just trying to get a haha joke, especially in her home country over there.

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H/T 411Mania for the transcriptions

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