Ryback On If He Would Return To WWE, CM Punk’s $1 Million Offer, Issues With SD Live Breaks, More


Former WWE superstar, The Big Guy, Ryback, recently talked about Dan Hinkles’s offer to former WWE Superstar/Champion, CM Punk, issues with commercial breaks during Smackdown Live & more, all on his podcast; “Conversation With The Big Guy”.

Here are the highlights: (transcripts by WrestlingINC)

Ryback On A Return To The WWE:

“True story. I got two phone calls today from Boca Raton, Florida. Boca Raton? I was at home doing something on one of them and I was at the gym on the other and I forget what it was for. What was it for? I don’t know what it’s for. I think it was just some promotional thing, but in my head, I picture Vince in his Boca Raton home because he used to train. He has a house there or something and he’s calling me and I’m like, ‘this should be an interesting voicemail’ and it’s not and I pick it up on the second one or the third one or whatever and they called a lot today and it was some promotional thing for some vacation thing and I was just like, ‘Jesus Christ!’ No, not any time, not even. I wish them nothing but the best and all performers there. It’s just not happening right now.”

Ryback Joking About Vince McMahon In Gorilla Position:

“I think they should cut out to a small box of Vince in gorilla. Do you know how many people would watch Vince just tweeting on his phone or just fu****g sitting there eating a protein bar or having a shake? I wouldn’t go to the bathroom. That’s what they should fu****g do, a shot of gorilla during the fu****g break, that’s what I want to see.”

The Problem With Commercial Breaks During Smackdown Live & Why Wrestlers Should Take It Easy During Breaks:

“Guys have to now work the match through a break like it’s not a break. So for people out there listening, because wrestling has been completely exposed now and it’s all fake, when a break comes up, we all love this because we don’t do s**t during breaks and the crowd suffers greatly. So, now you’re going to have to treat it like it’s live even though nobody’s going to be paying attention to the little goddamn box on the screen.”

“You don’t kill yourself during the break. You’re not typically doing superplexes and things you know. You might throw a guy into a barricade and then go taunt the crowd for a minute. You’re not doing anything crazy. Do you know what I mean because it’s not being shown on television?”

Ryback Shoots On Dan Hinkles (Promoter Who Offered CM Punk $1 Million):

“He just comes off like he says one thing and then says another thing and then, like, out of all the promoters we’ve dealt with, he has been by far the worst. He showed up to one of the events in England when I was there, just like harassing me, essentially. I treated him beyond well for that, but if there was ever a delusional human being, he was one of them.”

Ryback On The Promoter Telling Him He Would Be Working Three Matches For The Price Of One:

“We paid back the deposit. We said, ‘we can’t work for you’ because he essentially, I think, the agreement was for one match and then he said, ‘no, you have to wrestle in this tournament, three or four matches.’ Is that right? And just, like, no and, like, just going back on his word and saying, ‘it was the biggest tournament in Scotland’ and ‘we’ve got a video game. We want to sign you to a huge contract.’ There is no ¬†it’s a bunch of bulls**t and a guy pretending to be Vince McMahon¬†over in Scotland, essentially.”

Ryback On Hinkles’s Offer To CM Punk:

“Yeah, he didn’t put in there that the contract is for seven years and 34 tournaments, yeah, I don’t know. I think he’s just happy. He’s probably jerking off that he is getting mentioned on the podcast right now, sign me up. I want to be his first opponent over there, we can right all the wrongs. My only demand is; one million and one dollars.”



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