​Ryback Rips CM Punk Over His Latest Injury + The Latest On “Sunny’s” Hospitalization


* As previously reported here on eWrestlingNews.com, Tammy “Sunny” Sytch was hospitalized earlier this week due to a bout of pancreatitis. Sytch was hospitalized in Allentown, PA at Lehigh Valley Hospital and underwent an endoscopy.

Sytch notes in her new book (just released) that she “nearly died” due to a severe case of pancreatitis in January of 2000. She says it was brought on by alcohol abuse.

Sytch is currently scheduled to be sentenced in three DUI cases from March, once the judge receives a drug and alcohol evaluation and the results of a pre-sentencing investigation.

* WWE Superstar Ryback recently went on Twitter and poked fun at CM Punk’s latest injury. As Andy reported here on eWrestlingNews.com, Punk underwent surgery on Thursday to fix a herniated disc in his back, which will set his UFC debut back a bit more.

Ryback, who Punk accused of hurting him in a match during his WWE run, took to Twitter to comment. The WWE star referenced a conversation Punk said they had where Punk asked, “Either you’re doing it on purpose and you suck or you’re dumb as f–k, which is it?,” and Ryback replied sadly, “I’m dumb as f*ck”:

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