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NewsRyback Rips Into WWE For Ruining Tyson Kidd's Career

Ryback Rips Into WWE For Ruining Tyson Kidd’s Career



On former WWE Superstar Ryback’s latest podcast “Conversation With the Big Guy”. Ryback got extremely angry when discussing the injury Tyson Kidd suffered. Kidd suffered a broken neck in a dark match with Samoa Joe in June of 2015. Joe hit his finisher, “Muscle Buster” onto Kidd and Kidd landed extremely wrong which led to him not being able to compete to this very day. Ryback had a few words for Vince McMahon as well as the WWE Creative team and stated how Kidd should be taken care of for the rest of life.

““WWE should make sure – 100% – that not only is he taken care of for the rest of his life, they should bend over backward time and time again for him. This guy loved wrestling and what they took away from him – and by the way, to take as long as they did to f**king apologize – I’m gonna personally say it right here on [my] podcast – f**k you Vince [McMahon] and f**k you Kevin [Dunn] for not being men and f**king apologizing to this human being that you ruined and Vince, you are a f**king piece of s**t. For everything that you did that night, to f**king go out there and create that circumstance, and you should hate yourself when you look in the mirror.”

You can listen to this episode and many other of Ryback’s podcast here:




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