Ryback’s Squash Victim Speaks Out On WWE Tryout


— A traveling group is bringing free lucha libre shows to the streets of Mexico. The group, known as the Caravan Super Tarin, are providing free shows for fans who can’t afford tickets for the bigger shows that take place in Mexico City. MSNBC has a photo blog of the group. The talent involved is looking to entertain fans and build up communities while trying to get the attention of the bigger leagues as well.

— Barry Piotrowski, who was one of Ryback’s squash victims at Smackdown in Indiana two weeks back, spoke with the Northwest Indiana Times about his tryout for the role and more. The article also refers to the fact that Piotrowski is a cancer survivor, having overcome Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Check out the highlights:

On doing the job: “Yeah, I got my butt whipped, but I got my foot in the door, and I got some good pointers and some good compliments.”

On the tryout: “It was basically a tryout for one of the two spots, and I got picked,. William Regal helped work with me to get me ready.”

On the experience: “When you see all the cameras, the lights … the large screens, and you see they way they build it up and then tear it down …. it’s really impressive.”

On the feedback he got: “They told me they liked what they saw, and they said to keep checking their website for future shows where I could be available. One thing they did mention is that I need to be more confident out there. They said that the crowd won’t be taken by you if they sense you don’t have confidence.”

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