Ryback Sends A Message To John Cena + More News


— Ryback tweeted the following message to John Cena today:

Enjoy your bus and luxurious travels you earned them all. I now will earn mine. I have the torque cause I do the work. RTimeFeedingTime

Lucha Libre USA announced that the following wrestlers are set to appear at the United We Stand live event at the Citizens Bank Arena in Ontario, California on April 14:

* Blue Demon Jr.

* Solar

* Mr. Águila

* Lizmark Jr.

* Super Nova

* Psicosis

* Super Crazy

* Melina

* RJ Brewer and The Right

* Shane “Hurricane” Helms

* Mini Park

* Pequeño Halloween

* El Nuevo Macho

* Celestrial

* Vladimiro

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