Ryback Wants To Be The Next Terminator, Eva Marie/Maxim


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— During a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, Ryback spoke about his desire to get into acting and play a comic book villain and star in a remake of Arnold Schwarzenegger’s “Terminator” movie.

“I feel like I’d be the perfect comic book villain. I’ve always said that I’ve been waiting for the Terminator remake to happen so that I can take on that role. So if anyone out there is listening – the big guy wants to be the Terminator.

“If we’re able to work something out and if we have a weekend off here and there to do a movie or to go that route and still be a WWE Superstar, then, let’s do it! I’m well-rounded and I feel like I could take on any roles. We’ve just got to wait and see. If it’s meant to be it will. If not, I’m enjoying being a WWE Superstar.”

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