Ryder & Y2J Team Up, AJ Congratulates Booker T, AW/RAW


— AJ posted the following on Twitter to SmackDown GM Booker T… “Congratulations to fellow new GM @BookerT5x . This week I’ll show how to activate our Wonder Rings. Perhaps we’ll hire Eve to be our Gleek.”

— Chris Jericho and Zack Ryder teamed up at this weekend’s RAW live events in matches against Dolph Ziggler and the Miz. Here is what Ryder posted on Twitter about teaming with Jericho… “@IAmJericho was on my birthday cake when I was in 9th grade…tonight he was my tag team partner. #JeriBro”

— AW posted the following on Twitter, regarding tonight’s RAW… “If you thought #AWPromotion$ was about to tuck tail and run because of last Monday you’re sadly mistaken!! #AllEyezOnMe #TheKevlarKid”

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