Sable-Twitter Correction, Vickie Guerrero Note, & More


Partial Source: Pwinsider

Joe Randazzo sent this one along: Al Snow stars in 3 horror movies that are showing this weekend at the Fright Night Film Festival, “The Witches of Oz” stars Snow alongside Sean Astin, “Penny Dreadful” stars Snow along with Sid Haig, and last year’s best film winner “Overtime.” Also at the fest Tyler Mane and Eugene will be signing autographs, and a film I co-wrote and co-produced, “Caesar and Otto’s Deadly XMas,” featuring an all-star cast of B movie greats like Joe Estevez, Linnea Quigley, and Lloyd Kaufman, will make it’s world premiere.

Vickie Guerrero donated 90 WWE collectible items to the El Paso Children’s Hospital last week.

— In an update to a report we posted yesterday, former WWE Women’s Champion Sable is not on Twitter as rumored; the account was removed Tuesday. Sable fansite contacted her manager/lawyer and confirmed the account as an impostor. A Twitter page representing itself as Sid Vicious plugged the account. We apologize for the earlier error.

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