Sabu Talks ECW’s Spark, WWE ECW, More


Sent by Jordan Garber:

ECW Legend Sabu recently caught up with Jordan Garber of Cut The Promo Wrestling Podcast on Canadian Wrestling Elite’s post-show. You can check out for more information. Cut The Promo Podcast can be heard every Sunday at 10 PM CT on Here are some of the highlights:

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Sabu On feeling a spark with ECW:

“Nobody knew what they were capable of. Everybody thinks ECW was a plan. It was not a plan it happened. I happened to be at the same place at the right time as Paul Heyman and he said go out and do anything you want. So I did and I got over.”

Sabu On Terry Funk:

“Terry Funk was great because he’s the first guy who was of his age and generation that accepted my wrestling. All I had to do was ask him to catch me or move and he did it. Most other guys would definitely move and they wouldn’t catch me at all. I didn’t expect it from them and I didn’t expect it out of him, but he did that and that changed my whole outlook on him and everything”

Sabu On WWE’s version of ECW:

“The first few months were fine because it went the way I thought it was where they would let us run with the ball like with the One Night Stand PPV. But it was half WWE and half us and they forced it that way like Randy Orton was on our show and I like Randy Orton but they brought us in and said we trust you guys. But then when we did the big show we’d bring in these WWE guys so even if we did good we would not get credit for it.”

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