Sage Beckett Comments On Her Weight Loss & Treatment From WWE


Seems as though WWE is facing a great deal of controversy and backlash due to the reported policy that contracted talents and Superstars are no longer allowed to utilize third-party platforms, such as Twitch or Cameo.

Former Mae Young Classic competitor Sage Beckett is another former talent who has spoken out against the company for mistreating talent, alleging that WWE had her conduct “weekly weigh-ins” while she worked there.

The recent reports (shown below) on WWE’s new third-party policy has led to former WWE Superstars and also former Democratic Presidential candidate Andrew Yang calling WWE’s labor questions into practice and how much control WWE is using over workers who the company classifies as “independent contractors.”

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Former WWE Superstar Maria Kanellis responded to Yang’s comments, and now Sage Beckett is backing her up.

Sage Beckett tweeted the following response to Maria Kanellis:

“Or hire you during the ‘Evolution’, AFTER you’ve already lost 130#s over the last 2yrs, then do weekly weigh ins w/ you b/c you need to lose MORE weight, to be marketable, & release you ON International Women’s Day @AndrewYang”

Sage Beckett was signed by WWE in January 2017. She competed in the Mae Young Classic in 2017, losing int he first round to Bianca Belair. Sage was released from her WWE contract in 2018.

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