Saieve Al Sabah & MLW Part Ways – Details


Saieve Al Sabah took to Twitter today, revealing that he requested and has been granted his release from MLW. He had just joined the company about a month ago and was announced as the newest member of Injustice. He said,

“I Have Asked For And Have Been Granted My Release From @MLW . Happy “Independence” Day.”

According to a report from Post Wrestling, Sabah has been open about sharing his thoughts on the people in charge of MLW, especially at it pertains to Chief Operating Officer Jared St. Laurent. Sabah actually tweeted MLW founder Court Bauer on Tuesday and told him to “clean up his house” or he would. He noted that Laurent needed to be out of the wrestling business and tagged Team Vision Dojo. That is where Laurent had previously worked as a trainer and coach. Saieve had earlier posted photos of Laurent and registered sex offender Chasyn Rance together. Rance operates the Team Vision Dojo wrestling school in Florida.

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